Supervision, training, mindfulness & reflective practice programmes for inner leadership & wholeness in work & life

Would you like to bring more of yourself to what you do? Our programmes can help you bring wholeheartedness, integrity and mindful presence to your work and life. We help you stay connected with your motivation for doing what you do – so you can lead from within.

We’re a supervision and training practice with a difference. We use reflective and contemplative practices to support the development of inner leadership, courage, mindfulness and empathy. We work one-to-one and in groups, with recognised and bespoke programmes.

Barbara Reid PhD

Growing Edges is led by Barbara Reid PhD and based in north Cambridgeshire. We work with local, regional, national and international client organisations and individuals.

We provide high quality supervision services, bespoke training and reflective practice retreats based on the Circles of Trust model, and mindfulness-based programmes and classes. We help people learn from and work well with their growing edges.

“Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you. Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent.”

Parker J. Palmer: Let Your Life Speak – Listening for the Voice of Vocation


Safe space for one-to-one reflection on experience and support for working with ‘growing edges’

Circles of Trust

Reflective group time for personal and professional meaning-making, insight and renewal, and collaborative learning


Practices and programmes for cultivating an open, accepting and engaged attitude to life that provides a safe harbour when times are stormy

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