About Growing Edges: A different kind of training and supervision practice

Growing Edges is a small and mighty training and supervision practice with a difference. Based in north Cambridgeshire, and set up and steered by Barbara Reid, we help individuals, organisations and professional groups bring meaning to their life and work by providing programmes that allow us to 

(re)discover our inner resources and motivations for what we do.  We provide high quality mindfulness-based programmes and trainings, reflective practice retreats based on the Circles of Trust® model, and supervision services. We help you live and work well.

Behind the Name…

Barbara Reid PhD

Barbara runs the practice and likes to walk the talk. Meditator since years back; former lecturer and researcher in vocational university teaching and policy research (partnership, communities, regeneration); inspired by Parker J. Palmer’s book The Courage to Teach; became a teacher of Mindfulness and a trainer of Mindfulness teachers at Bangor University; prepared as a facilitator of Circles of Trust; developed work around supervision; founded Growing Edges to bring everything together and offer contemplative approaches to personal and professional development… Lots of personal learning, courses, conferences and writing, on the way!

Started in 2009:

We started with 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses; then came mindfulness workshops and programmes for corporate, public sector and non-profit organisations; took on supervision and teacher training work for the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice (Bangor University), the Mindfulness Network and the Mindfulness Association; and launched the first Circles of Trust retreat programmes in the UK. Growing Edges is a flourishing small training and supervision practice where all of this comes together…


We’re based in north Cambridgeshire, but we travel, work with a range of venues around the U.K., and use Skype and Zoom…

Joining the dots:

We have lots of project management experience and we like making sure your expectations fit with what we are offering or designing for you, taking care of all aspects of planning and design, writing and preparing learning materials, checking in and following up, managing finances… We make sure everything connects up.

Starting out?

Check out our supervision services, up-coming Circles of Trust, and Mindfulness offerings…


Safe space for one-to-one reflection on experience and support for working with ‘growing edges’

Circles of Trust

Reflective group time for personal and professional meaning-making, insight and renewal, and collaborative learning


Practices & programmes for cultivating an open, accepting & engaged attitude to life that provides a safe harbour when times are stormy